Those Stalemate Blues

Wendy Sullivan

for the Lawrences

P is for prejudice
police, lies and corruption

V is for violence
victim, murder inflicted.

D is for death
dirty, defiled.

M is for malice,
mayhem and monsters.

N is for nigger calling
that name without shame.

B is for black
racists blemish of skin.

I is the injustice
with which ignorance wins.

Media mouthes
morality truths
but hell hath no fury
like those foulmouthed youths....

Clans, mobs and gangs
terror inspired
weapons with attitude
bully boys pride.

Taunting and flaunting
larding the highways
stabbing and jabbing
putting the boot in-

Time turns tortoise
as malevolence grins
6 years too long
without moving an inch.
-its those stalemate blues
igniting the fuse
where candle power only
flickers and fades-

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