Sounds Important

Wendy Sullivan

(To Linton Kwesi Johnson on the launch of his CD 'More Time,' 1 July 1998)

Linton is who he is
Linton is
Always his own rhythm
With words no compromising
Saying what is, is....
Dub, dub, a-dubbing

Linton is who Linton is,
Up coming generation hears him
As history hurls events
Timeless tunes of endurance.

Linton is who Linton is
On the streets of skirmish
Where there are intolerances
His sound will serve to speak.

Linton is who he is -
Ever the performer,
A poet without strings
Carving through the culture
Jamaica man who sings.

Linton is who he is,
Linton is -
Two decades on and still the fire
Should the pages burn no matter
Across the sky a trail of smoke.

Linton is who Linton is,
A voice behind an open throat:
A mantra, chant, reggae, rap
Its all the same when overlap
Universal bard of old
Modern music man, salut!

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