Oladipo Agboluaje

Justifiable indifference, I the assembly
Monolithic, the fundamental deposit,
asked the good friend standing beside me -
What is the nature of the path we have taken -
Only for the moving moment we are well and
truly lost. The vacancy is filled, trust removed,
hope unfulfilled. In the dying quest, missed
the Elysian Fields, slighted Cassandra and
burned the Sybilline texts - In the concept of
dreams, walked crablike, pinching bubbles to
realisation. Stand erect, slap me into being,
working with words that function like jigsaw
puzzles when the pieces are incomplete. Tense
contention, sweat on bone, there is no appeal;
the judge is deaf. If you paid your tax and not
complained of absence of heating in winter...
If you can, get Cepola to defend you - Ask for
a loan, good son, please awsk for money but no
more attempt to justify your reason for
lacking the will to live...

Or die.

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