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Simon Monkhouse Is Dead

James Luchte


he drained his piss 
out the window &
shot four months 
worth of heroin up 
his arm in a single go
a word to the wise
but at least he was
out there all the time
performing his rhyme
shooting a toy gun into
a shocked audience spits
a spark, prairie fire, his 
dad is "bob monkhouse"
who hated simon since he
looked like his own father
simon said alot about his
father © simon had alot of
money but he did not have 
any recognition from his very
famous father © simon always
sought the approval of his 
father |& tried desperately to
become famous himself so that]
he could approach his father 
face to face © an equal a peer
if not a father & son ...
Simon called out but was
ignored © his passion for 
extreme & alternative
drugs & hallucinogens
took away his spirit 
he died of heroin, but smoked
weed, took speed, snorted coke,
did ketamine, dmt, mushrooms,
peyote, acid, chrystal meth....
he did everything & was a
school teacher at the same time ©
he once read an anti©heroin poem
to an audience while high on heroin
he travelled extensively to Egypt,
Mexico, Bangkok, Columbia.... his 
pride lay in his ability to memorise 
& perform very long poems that
he reanimated for an audience
he was quite versed in some
"intellectual matters" 
no one would have predicted
his death, but at the same time,
no one would have not expected it
but, at the same time, everyone 
expected it, no one was surprised

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