Ariel Sharon is the Anti-Christ

Jezebel Hypatia

glaze eyed muther-fucker shoots
his wad bullet holes into this\
birthplace of our Holy Saviour JESUS 
- (N.B. Those not yet convinced
of the Nietzschean proclamation
that "God is Dead" may wish to 
think again - or else acquiesce 
to a god, an idol - of violence)
the Way, the Truth, the Light
Church of the Nativity bleeds
militants & priests - whoever 
happened to find refuge from
mechanized terror IDF Sharon 
gets a rare red hard-on his 
gaze upon his very own corpses
He rabidly cums in the face of 
a Palestinian girl - 
one of many at his disposal 
in the wake of the his utter
exertion of violence, that
not only of his Premiership,
but also his recent prescription
for a sample six pack of Viagra
Zionists sat down with Hitler
in the orchestration of Israel
Indeed, Israel is the fulfillment
of the vision for the Jews laid 
out in Hitler's Mein Kampf
His main grievance was that 
the Jews did not have their 
own state - in the absence 
of such a homeland, the "Jews"
can only have a negative influence
on a nation of which "they" have
no "essential" - "racial" - part --
Therefore, the "Jewish State" ---
Send all the "Jews" out of Europe
& the rest of the world & place
them in a tiny, contested piece
of land that is mostly desert
but is situated quite close
to a whole geography of oil
this Shell gentility laughs
Hitler won his essential war
against the "Jews" - but in
complicity with the Zionists
everyone played along & the 
Brits played the leading role,
together with its lapdog, the UN
some jews fight to their last
dying day to express the voices
of those who have decided that
Israel is not a "good thing for
the Jews" - why not live everywhere?
Is the PLO statement that "the Jews"
are a religion and not a race false?
What is a "Jewish" state?  What is a Jew?
If this is a racial determination as well
as a religious designation, then a 
"Jewish State" would be a tribal theocracy.
But, Hitler would be sad as this is not a
proper State - Hitler - via negativa - was 
the most strident advocate of a "Jewish State" - 
such an entity would not only rid Europe et al.
of "the Jews" but would also play well in his 
Aryan-Semitic schema of racialist contradiction
The more race-based "States" the better!!!
Down With Class Struggle! 
All Conflicts are Racial!
All Conflicts are Religious!
The ethnico-religious "settlements" in Bosnia, Serbia, Rwanda et al.
tell us enough - but these are only pieces of a broader tapestry of 
displacement, of an erasure of the bodies - 
Moral Capital can be so easily squandered as the images resemble, 
repeat primal horrors -a violence that feeds off of its origin - 
this original trauma of violence - compelled, seduced to repeat this 
catastrophe - an explanation of close contact between the US and Israel
both are founded on an exterminating, ethnic cleansing violence
each has crowned itself Emperor on the basis of Conquest
Yet, in order to perpetuate this regime of violence, each must not
only incessantly repeat the violence of the origin, but also must
expand and extend this topography of repetition amid a project of
Imperial growth - or better - exterminate all the Arabs, i.e., 
Muslim extremists, terrorists, A-Rabs, sand niggers
That would solve our problem of dependence on Foreign Oil!
Just as we exterminated the Native Americans - the "Indians" -
we can exterminate all the other peoples of the world & take
over their land and resources - it may take time, but we will 
do it just as we always have done it - we are a criminal nation 
founded on omnicide, crime - we should never forget, or else 
we may sink into virtue!  But, what is, after all is said & 
done, amid this terrestrial-celestial matrix of existence?
what is that which makes actual that which was only possible?
Why is the Law of Identity equivalent to that of Contradiction?
What is the underground operational network of this ambiguity?
Mr. Sharon - are you not content with the usual occupationary
positions - pity you had to give up the greater Zionist state
in Egypt & Jordon - but after all, you have received alot of
help & you should remember that -
Otherwise - all is lost

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