The wave that burns and burns and crepe silke bondage, by Priyanka Sharma

The wave that burns and burns
crepe silke bondage

Priyanka Sharma

Hopping from your sleeves
this world keeps falling apart
When i think about this 
justice heraldry
I dont want to part
but something keeps 
pulling pulling
thwarting the hand
upshot of pain
the dark inkling 
of persuasive doubt
and between soothing cliches
i lose you
to the wave that burns and burns

crepe silke bondage
I have a party slip
knock down hard strong drink
and i immerse it 
in your tears
and drink it
in a swagger
I create this destiny
with the flavour
of your pithy grief
and i grow strong
and break through
even the folds of this horrendous horror
the crepe silk bondage
of love lipstick parlour

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