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Interpretations of Shame

James Aire

The meaning of eroticism

sexuality amidst contemplation

An erotic topos opens
As the condition, place for
An object viewed, engaged

As a sexual, erotic display, event

The shameful aspect of eroticism
Is rooted in its kinship with death (Schopenhauer)
And it gives birth to the sado-masochistic ethos of political life (de Sade)

However, resistance expresses itself – existence is resistance

Nietzsche’s affirmative nihilism (Zarathustra)
The sexual revolution (Reich)
The function of orgasm (Reich)
Feminisms (Dworkin, Iriguray, Butler, Gilligan)
Anti-feminisms (the epoch of patriarchy et al.)
Post-feminisms (popular culture = pornography as happiness)
Conservatisms (Judeo-Christianity, fundamentalist Islam et al.)
Liberalisms (secular humanism and pragmatic Judeos-Christianities)
Shinto and eroticism
The Tao of Eros
Islam and eroticism – the impact of Aristotle, the Philosopher
The resolution of the Shia-Sunni ambiguity (surrender to Allah)
The power of shame revisited (Heller)
The loop: transgression and interdiction (shoot arrows at princes)
The power of disgust, abjection (Kristeva….
The eroticism of everyday life (Wittgenstein and his shadow)
Articulations of eroticism (Klimt, Beardsley….)
The general economy of eroticism (Bataille)
An aesthetic phenomenology of the body (Nietzsche, Klossowki)
Eroticism, Death and Eigentlichkeit (Heidegger and Bataille)

By the way, it is a great relief to know that people are lying all the time
Everyone knows that ‘god’ is dead, that that artwork no longer captivates
Each does what it does out of lust and calculation – life is pornography

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