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Assata Shakur Ain't No Bitch

James Luchte


some fascist apparently female
governor from somewhere in new 
jersey kristine odd? or her name i 
cannot quite remember - walt 
whitman, no, no, not walt whitman
governor whitman wants to take down
asasa shakur hidin' out EXILED in cuba
cause shakur fights back against relentless 
whips being pressed across her leathery flesh 
flesh of the courageous hearts, souls, of the 
Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army, but
most important Black People, man woman & child
cointelpro underground prisons KKK & CBN, et al. 
cold blooded security murders saturation 
shootings urban (residential) aerial helicopter
bombings MOVE philidelphia genocide 1985 body 
cavity searches every day & a dose of the latest 
torture & the state is the only terrorist 
USAUKETC insult & injury tampering framed
bin Wahad Africa +++ & AIM * Chicano, 
independentistas, MUMIA ABU JAMAL, etc. & the list 
goes on & on & on & that fat sweaty pig walks up
gruntin'out that asshole on his face well sonny, 
don't yous start complainin' now - we are/were/will 
be eternally just following orders, doing our jobs 
(via the sword) & if you say your goinna overthrow 
my & my pappy's government, then that never 
was free speech at all, then you are my enemy 
& i will kill you! better yet i've a mind to start up
a crack market in your neighborhood (launder the money & 
train counter-insurgents in arkansas) just like the heroin 
in the late 60's & 70' (LAOS) & use the money to fuck 
yous even more w/AIDS & other diseases you haven't 
even heard of yet in ever new ways & all those 
other suspect creatures & don't bother to hide, 
for we will track you down some day, or if it
is not me, then it will be my successor et al. 
in continua fluvia et nominae spiritu fascisti
no one will ever forget that you are GUILTY!
& that the white supremacist state
don't really want any healing, amnesty, etc.
it wants revenge silence genocide, to weed out 
the last vestages - pockets - persons
of genuine (i.e., non-commodified) revolt - 
FUCK NIKE! power REALLY to the people
to do & not simply to posture endlessly
in mock combat & meaningless self-refutation
self-annihilation - complicity in our own murder 
disintegration of our friends * family * community
impercepitibly, perceptibly, inexorably, every moment
the nocturnal guardian spirits of vengence never sleep
the children of impotent revolt lie dying in the streets
& assata shakur ain't no bitch

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