Sculpting Pala

Palaeha M.

You distill me with your physicality, your locomotive love
Then swallow my entirety while I have only offered a taste.
You attempt to emotionaly sculpt me to your smoky needs,
until I fit like the perfect silver slipper - smooth and pliable.

I am a copperwire wildchild this I have told you.
I flutter in the moist sun and fire in the violet night.
You tell me you are in love with me and that you
shine in my heritage of beauty.
And yet...
Once I am in your arms you begin to gently, consistently,
wickedly bind me to you
with erotic prose from your salient lips.
Your clever hands and scissor thighs render me helpless.
Like a skilled surgeon you meticulous cut away at my
tender flesh: here and over here and there too
especially around my ruby dial slipping in your
oyster shells of ownership.
You stigmata me with your dark forest love.

And I become as putty in your hands.
Who I am is obscured by your lucid passion.
You flip me over as you laugh deeply within
over my supine body, filtering out all you find
troublesome: a pinch, a soft slap a secret whiplike caress.

I am your Muse now ~
Your glistening sapphire Obsession.
Brought to life by your dreams and your hot
chrysanthemum breath.
You have petrified my heart and my body.
I have become your private Venus statue~
A haunting miracle of your blue love.

[c] Pala M.

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