Russian Lament

Maureen Scott

So Communism has collapsed
Capitalism had McDonald's
Cash tills spinning roubles
In its eyes before the
Ink was dry on the contracts
Drugs had rolled over
The Berlin Wall and the
Frontiers fell to the
Onslaught of mafiosi.

To those of us standing
On the sidelines clutching
Our Marxist textbooks this
Was a scenario we did not
have to write or watch.
It was clear as day
Capitalism means crime,
Poverty, homelessness, want.

In the event the world
Is worse that even
Marxists could imagine
But we cannot avoid
Seeing what is happening.
It is a simpler world
To get straight. No false
models any more, just
exploiters and the poor.

Time and experience float
Around trying to piece
It all together. Bits of
The past drift over the
Airwaves, a Russian girl
Who resisted the Nazis
To the end, a free spirit
Who danced her way into
The concentration camps.

It happened a long time ago.
Some survived the war and
The purges to tell of her.
"you will not forget me,
you will tell the people
who I was." Yes, we remember
you, for all that is worth now.

We have that feeling that
You are glad to be dead in
That hell hole that was
Belsen, for you believed
Your sacrifice would matter.
But now they are tearing up
The heritage of your sacrifice,
Ripping down public palaces
For wood to burn to keep warm....

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