The Race Family

Dorel Cheminson

this is no ordinary family
they have developed an act
which is as protective
as it is destructive
the daddy is called
he is a diehard
mean and destructive man
separates people from each other
from their brothers
and sisters
with the help of a cousin
who calls himself

supremacy operates from
a major defensive standpoint
he was born to protect
vulnerable men
from their feelings
inferior and fearful
caused by
minority and colour
in our society

supremacy protects
men who fear
darkness, difference
the black dot
that which is desired
but cannot be acquired
cousin supremacy
has a compensatory
necessary for survival
believes in purity
strive for ideals
that a pity
hangs around
with only those
from the same group
has fantasies about
his position in the world

the brother is discrimination
a tough guy
he excludes
on the ground that
others are not like him
yet we are the same
as we are different
we come from the
hue-man family
African mother and father
poor fool it is an act
he is not aware of this reality.

the little sister stereotype
is the hardest nut to crack
she is here there and every where
she carries the past with her
a little of the truth
much more untruth
she is very close to

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