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The Privatisation of Genocide

James Luchte


Death to rancid Authoritarian
Capitalist, Militarist Oligarchy
police-state private pograms
civilian mask extermination
with a human face orgiastic
monotonies of every colour
loving thy enemy as your alibi
"democracies" of the people,
but a people, peoples organized
hierarchialized via
voracious matrices of power,
security infrastructures,
command, control,
communications, etc.
like an irradiated beehive
w/ an acid internet, etc.
thus, democracy is not inconsistent
with authoritarian rule, or,
via-a-vis domestic and/or
international policy,
democracy may, simply put,
mean fascistic, genocidal,
a bulge bleeds black book
of amerikkkan et al. CAPITAL crimes
whether or not there were a war
on officially or not, any alibi
for the shadow world of genocidal
subcontractors, who even really
knows what the fuck is going
on anymore anyway anywhere?
the toilet has taken over the house,
as the incubator & conduit
for our professional,
dynasties of power,
passing it on from one
generational brood to the next,
terrestrial breeding networks,
virtual aristocracies,
political specialists,
from an industrialization
of militarist economics
to a technology of power,
a merri-go-round of sadism,
Sure boys & girls,
step right up,
you can each & all
take a turn driving,
But, don't touch anything!
It only goes one way, & no other,
we wouldn't want you to get
your hopes up too high, now,
would we, boys & girls?
Certainly not.

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