Prayer for SW2

Peter Mitchelson

Hark, Oh Hark
Heaven's Angels
Oh hear, hear please
Unbound as with senses abandoned
As long ago empty pocket mind and soul
Gagged egregiously by the time space called life
Naively whimpering
Amidst false hopes
And brave platitudes
For a future that rests iconoclastically secure in
Between now and the past so dim.....

Hark, Oh, Hark
Heaven's Angels
Oh sing, sing please
With assured boundless expectations
Distanced from gouged eye and aching heart
Born ridiculously by this time space called life
Repeatedly flashing
Amidst burlesque promises
And transparent neon dreams
For a future that rest relentlessly secure in
That ever, ever gonna last....
Hark, Oh Hark
Heaven's Angels
Where were you when there murmurs
in the rushes?
Where were you when pylons came down
in crashes?
Where were you when seas raged
down the whale?
Where were you when hands were hammered
down by nails?
Where were you when boils left skin
shredded and scarred?
Where were you,
When they renamed it - the Dogstar?

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