I am

David Swan

I am small but can be tall.
I am fat, thin, black and white.
Funny and sad.
I am the sun rising early in the morning 
then descending slowly till I am night.

I am the love your mother gave you but 
I am the hate that made you fight.
I am the sex that makes love to you sweet and light.

I am the rape, a seed hidden deep in you, 
stripping you bear with all my might.

I will give you  the strength to build yourself up, 
then sneak up behind you and with a single blow
bring you crashing down.
Don't underestimate me.

I am fear.
I am thunder.
I am a rainy day.
I am a sunray.

My storms have wreaked havoc across continents 
and rendered countries helpless, thousands dead, 
children motionless with despair.
My wars have taken humanity to 
the darkest regions of it's soul.
I am holocaust.
I am atom bomb.

But when the world finally collapses to its knees 
and can no longer witness my destruction, 
unable to carry on.

I will come.

For I am hope in the distance,
Coming out of the darkness into the light.
I am God, but the Devil too.

Please don't try to understand me for 
I will turn you insane,
Patiently trust in me.
I am the Universe and beyond,
I am out there but in here,
I am all.
I am everything.
But most importantly of all,
I am nothing.      

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