The International Pigs of Death
(a rogue transmission from behind the bunker)

Royston Swarbrooke

We are the International Pigs of Death.
Into the furnace of mediocrity we will send you.
We aim to stink you up.
We are the International Pigs of Death.
In the bombshed, behind the bunker.
Watching for flares at night.
Waiting for random phone boxes to ring.
We deal in third world DNA, a less polluted gene pool than the West.
Cosmetic surgery is an option.
Rented cars and launderettes an income.

Give us an Arts festival or a minor academic with a heart condition.
We will onfiltrate the hierarchies and turn it into a code red situation.
We can accomodate any desires that our sponsors require.
Mercenaries are the free lance freedom fighters of the next Millennium.
Contact us through breakfast cereal offers.
Watch the Personal ads in regional newspapers.
Why break your knee caps when we can pollute your food chain?

Our agents are in the field, this transmission is on an uncharted frequency.
We are below your radar, we are beneath your cities.
We will come amongst you with offers of pension schemes,
bank loans and hire purchase programmes.
Keep you in at night watching canon fodder videos.
Leave the streets empty allowing our work to go unchecked.
Traffic systems will gridlock, traffic light fail to work.

Away from the cities our snipers pick off ramblers that deliberately stray.
Keep to the paths! Observe the Country Code!
Do not go near our cow sheds where we stock pile dead civilians.
All country pub landlords are International Pigs of Death.
We employ the Wizard of Oz to run the BBC.
Hollywood has always been ours.
It is hog heaven to watch you in your millions being numbed down
with another blockbuster movie.
All soap stars are agents helping you to understand yourselves.
We gave the cows BSE.
We thank Lincoln for the gift of Bible Belt America.
Maxwell was rewarded for his services, given a new identity
and his workers pension scheme to spend.

We await in England the completion of the Dome.
A gift from the suited and booted one.
An agent that has been in our employ since the Prussian Empire fell.
It will be our headquarters and from there we will take the planet
into the 21st Century.
On New Years day 2000 all International Pigs of Death
will make themselves known.
They will be members of your family, people in your community, 
colleagues at your place of work.
And you will be deactivated!

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