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Action Man


A few references to Michel Foucault
Anaximander Fragments and Commentary
Heidegger Gesamtausgabe
Nietzsche Chronicle
Nietzsche Circle
The Life of Hypatia
The Albert Hofmann Foundation
The Temple
Alain Robbe-Grillet Topology
History of Surrealism
Kessinger Publishing
African Philosophy and Multicultural Thought
Religion and Philosophy in Africa
African Americana
Pan-African Perspective
Exorcising Hegel's Ghost: Africa's Challenge to Philosophy
African Literature
Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan
The Jain Festivals
Eastern Religions and Philosophy
Introduction to an Eleusian Revival
Dance of the Deer Foundation
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Eagle's Wing
Ecofeminism and the Sacred
Ancient Greek Shamanism
Plotinus 'On Beauty'
Six Enneads by Plotinus
The Heresy of the Free Spirit
the untimely past - a foucault bibiliography
Subversive Rationalization
Averroes as a Physician
Islamic Political Philosophy
Poetry by Ayatollah Khomeini
Pico della Mirandola
The Psychedelic Library
The Vaults of Erowid
the cry
Agrippa & Paracelsus
Jacob Boehme Resources
Herbert Read
Bernard le Bouyer Fontenelle
Georges Bataille
Psychedelic Books
The Society of the Spectacle
Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network
The Pagan Federation
The Gnosis of Homo Sapiens
The Manifesto of the Communist Party
Dead Sea Scrolls
Jay's Liberation Theology and Liberal Religion Links
Giordano Bruno
Erratic Impact
Cicero: The Nature of the Gods
Philosophy and Theology
Native Habitat Ethnobotanicals
Free Culture
George Bataille Electronic Library

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