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The Pharmacy

James Luchte


				       theft of  
				   sacred art, 
			      hidden womb, 
			   monstrous site, 
			gathered wisdom 
		      decomposes beneath 
		    ruins of predation, 
		  incestuous diseases, 
                cures, keep us weak, 
	      dependent, beholden, 
            cultivate our sluggish 
	  docility, glut themselves 
	on their lucre of poison, 
      pushing, peddling, in our 
    faces, make us sick, hold us 
  there, disease is good for an 
 economy, adrift in a house of 
 cards, vaccinations infiltrate our 
 fragile immunities from the beginning, 
 the necessity for these injections 
  burned into our souls, terror, extortion, 
   not too many die in the first invasion, 
    but lines of defence fracture, a short 
     sharp shock renders helpless, no one 
      can hear us scream, we succomb, 
       normative slavery, brainwashing, 
	surveillance, discipline, bewildered 
         amid everyday regimentation 
          the poisoner throws out a lifeline to 
            milk us for an indefinite, predictable 
              future, planned production schedule, 
		vicious cycles of crop rotation, 
                   sick bodies, factories of profit 
                     & control, our genteel pharmacy 
	               cancer, AIDS, in these fruits 
			of our labour, we see ourselves 
                         mirrors of wretched production, 
                          life is poisoned, an incitement,
			   alibi for the pharmacy, poisoners
			    hover, stalk, prey upon our children, 
                           gorge upon blood, entrails, throw out 
                         poisons to cure, weaken, distort, 
			destroy our sacred rhythms, vivisect 
		       existence in its own rancid image, 
                      death is profitable, but disease is even 
  		    more so, it is the acquisitive livelihood 
   		  of the poisoner, this pharmacy, abides upon
   	        those blind foundations of high culture
    		  violence propaganda prison death poison
    		     life under the yoke of the poisoner is 
      			a prison hospital & slave labour camp, 
       			  asylum of disease subjugation, but 
           		     mystified, suffocated by nebuli 
                 		of restless despair, tired 
                  		  perplexity & echoes of
                      		 cynical laughter

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