Pan Run 1
Abdul Malik

Rubbish heaping top
dustbins stinking
flies round
de fucking bad
place, bade
baad johns leaning up
half-naked watching
matador woman passing,
Yankee dullers floating
by she side
and sweet man looking
sharp in heavy tweed,
sweet craff, want she
bad mih blood
take she.

Obeah man Shango man
Baptist man Babu man
Crier man Kaiso man
Stick man Smart man
drinking rum
hustling black market
noise money
people looking sad
an anxious as
de whole world fighting
Trumpet blast
We win de war
so long we ent jump
Rag Time rags time
coming dong de road
watch dem bottom
grab something
hold on to de bottle
is V.J. day!
is V.J. day!
Wuh is dah sound!
Rag Time rags time
box bass ole pan
grab a dust bin
move marn move
yuh hand,
- Mary Ann - all day
all night she doing it
jump jump
doh stop at all,
de Governor Tall
Tall Tall peeping
over de wall,
more dustbins
more dustbins
fuck out de rubbish!
fuck out de rubbish!

Casablanca - All Stars -
- Invaders - Red Army -
- Bar 20 - sounding out still
every day
every night,
dice game big
fingers snapping
Baptists by de corner
clapping dancing
shouting running
RAID! drop de pan!
drop de dice!
drop de bell! Run
Run Baptists
Leff de candle lighting
only evidence fuh dem

Police only raiding we
dem fucking Bajan
Grenajan small island
people choopid
- wuk an ded -
like coolies sleeping
ded out round
de market
nut fucking me man
ah baad!
want de craff
want she bad
she man ent bad.

Take she wallet!
Prick she
good horse to ride,
in de yard
Poonche! Poonche!
Come quick!
Ellie from Invaders
poun de pan!
sink de pan!
notes in he head
bun de pan!
bun it!
bun it!
bun she cunt!
ah stick dey
rubber on de end
Bi - dim dim dim
Bi - dim dim dim
Sound sound sound
breaking the hell
an back yard
shit houses overflowing.

Doan cuss mih mudder!
She black as Africa
she arse rolling
like ah drum!
Fuck you!
Gimmih ah chance!
Walk out de school
walk out de church
walk off de lime
have mih pan -
stick in mih back pocket,
bass sounding good
deep - deep
fadder making noise!
walk out de house,
big shot making noise!
police making noise!
fuck dem!
dis is mih pan!
carn leave she!
buss up de marn
fuh she get buss
up fuh she,
blood is mih name,
walk in de jail
Carve out mih pan
on de wall,
pan is mih life.

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