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Omnicide and the Infinite Alibi

James Luchte


tears wash corpses unknown sorrows
surface jitters vision burns 1998
vasoerupt throb cataclysmic face
slow disaster disentangle meltdown
faces upon sublime faces succomb
perfect crimes african auschwitz
continent-wide unaccountable murder
inexplicable catastrophes shatter
out of control hyper drive western
economic overkill private property
exterminates & hyped up sanctimonious
thieves of so-called liberal democracies
commit genocide every single day & day
information bombardments disguise mask
crowd out news about poor (black) people
but then again everybody knows
what's going on deep down viscera
the subconscious pieces it together
all of the little tidbits coalesce
a genocide here & a massacre there
it gathers it all together
it begins to catch a glimpse
the obviousness of the horror
the exterminations on the african continent
will eclipse all previous destructions
how this will be interpreted
what spin will be placed upon it
will be the terrain of propaganda
battles for centuries, or perhaps
the new naziis are better at covering
their tracks & will humbly
welcome the silence of erasure
& possibly one day, somewhere
there will be rebellious talk
surrounding the myth
of the black human being,
a creature who the official
culture will throw together
with unicorns & centaurs
or the titans, medusa, atlantis
slaughter is sublimated
into the dramatic
transfiguration of tragedy,
which, in its ultimate
double bind, precludes
human responsibility &
imagine a laughing hitler
who never seems to age
upon the surfaces of our
telescreens & as more & more
hear his name, he becomes better known
than jesus christ or the beatles
& realize that the world is pretty
much the way he had wanted it
anyway & simply wonder (& cry)
why you use so much soap

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