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American Odysseus

James Luchte


gone so long
almost forgot
the reason for
the fight - 
Helen?... what 
was it anyway?
Too many detours
upon this hiatus
delerium, magic
pleasure, sorrow
trapped in a
labyrinth, the
revenge of 
Daedalus, son
of Poseidon
Joyous Ariadne
throws me a
brief thread -
lucid enough
to take escape -
all my friends
are dead, gone -
over ocean 
through storms
transfixed by
remote goddesses 
Sirens & Circe -
Gone so long 
I barely 
remember - 
Too great a
from the waters
of Lethe as
I sought the
advice of
the dead,
the sad song
of my mother -
Into the heart
of darkness
I awaken -
into the cold
winds of existence -
even now they
attack, throw 
waters & hot wax
over my skin -
I float on a 
branch, cast adrift -
with the sacred
dawn, I see land
but it is a
strange homecoming -
precious icons
collapse even
in the return
dreadful suitors
suck the lifeblood
of the homeland
lusting after
the mother &
the daughter
& the son
the home has
become a 
whorehouse -
eat the
of our lives,
splatter their 
mark upon all -
The people
drink it in - 
lie spellbound,
succomb to the
of their love
I remain hidden -
Dearest Athena
clothes me
in a veil
of Invisibility
as I wait with
my children -
The suitors 
drain my substance
hunger after my wife
& my children
destroy my home
I strike in 
the morning 
Kill them all
Clean their 
blood from 
the floors
& the walls
Home will
I will return
I will come home

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