obsession of us

James Davis

there we are , admiring each other in a sweet embrace, 
no care of the future, no focus on the past , 
this how my dreams go forever and ever, 
my obsession is the picture of you and us. 

stars, moons, planets, have all turned, 
I had no idea, because your my center, 
of the universe I in vision for us. 

feelings , that don't exist , are they? 
are they mutual feelings of lovism, 
who knows? that's my obsession. 

to understand you is like dwelling 
under a tree that doesn't exist in 
reality, but has true feelings, 
or are we forgotten , mass confusion. 

like a bullet piercing my brain, 
the obsession is the worm of my sickness, 
the madness of my ramblings is my 
attachment to you... I'm completely 
fucked to obsession 

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