No Contradiction

Oladipo Agboluaje

Tell her Majesty not to worry,
I was long gone before the
dearly departed
dearly departed.
I left my head and heart behind,
Shrouded in dead leaves
And, as of years ago bring
Strong hands that can play
No part in cleaning the dialectic
But, certain of its grip,
Will make your cities gleam.

Why search for the meaning in the
Dressing gown of appearance?
Or in the flowing word on the pages,
in the dressage of working life,
Star signs and palmistry?
Am I part of fact or fiction,
A collusion of opposites?
Angel or devil? Take your pick?
Is a little of both too much of a
compromise? In this I find
no contradiction,
For Christ and anti-Christ
Are two sides of the same cross.

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