New York Shorts

Peter Mitchelson


Ubiquity de Amarillo
Searching - swelling - soaring in
Uptown, downtown streams
Thou East & West Villages
Triangling below Canal
Alphabeting A to Z
Questioning - clawing -clutching for
U.S. of A. dollar dreams. I love her Parkbench sitting
Indulgently relascing in
Watching her sip Pepsi
On that white plastic straw
As she reads about paradox
And tribal shiftings
Under loafty leaves
In Madison square
Off Broadway
Ne'er once realising or suspecting
How much I love her.
19:28pm Snap Shot Sunsets
golden life light
Solicitous and Noble
Down Downtown
West 17th Street With chicken clucking Village voices
Yellow cabs preying kerb crawling
And skateboards clunk swerving
Like tap Dogs
In Twilight Bows
Outside Barnes and Noble
In Union Square.
Eternity We're
All gonna die sometime
The hub-a-bub-bub
The cling-clang clink
Of Manhattan Streets
The flash-flicker-flame
And sight-smell-taste
Not to think it will ever be so.

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