Charles Frederickson

Flattering fragile id superhuman ego

     Soothing unsatisfied psyche primitive urges

          Indifferent borderline neurotic faking passion

               Blissfully oblivious to painful pleasure

?   ?   ?   ?   ?

Secondhand moments all too brief

     Pricelessly spent wondering what if

          Leftover past already caught up

               Currently progressing onward never retreating

;   ;   ;   ;   ;

No turning back vigorous strides

     Stowaway love precariously on hold

          Stranded wanton desire craving lust

               Innocent longing riddled with guilt

.   .   .   .   .

Indulging in quirky nightmarish visions

     Where does sound reason end

          And disorderly utter madness takeover

               Bizarre unconventional wisdom oddly far-fetched

:   :   :   :   :

Unrestrained fantasy or sheer insanity

     Wavy curves separate wildcat imagination

          From ecstatic sensibilities surreal hallucinations

               Wired whimsy underlying outlandish weirdness

?   ?   ?   ?   ?

Probing ever more deeply unexposed

     Recesses mindful confusion reeking havoc

          Edgy balance fruit basket upset

               Warped counterclockwise timelessness slightly cuckoo

!   !   !   !   !

(Summer 2008)

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