My Dream

Melanie Edwards

With time you become a piece of me.
You touch people's lives and make them happy
I admire you.
I admire the you in me.
I admire myself.
You have the secret to happy dreams.
You are admirable.
You have it.
If I were you, I would have it.
If I had it, I would be admirable.
But if I were you, you would not be unique,
And I would not admire you.
I would not admire myself because
I would not admire the you in me.

Should I dream sweet dreams and awake to someone else's reflection?
Should I just admire the piece of me that is admirable?
Should I just admire the you in me?
Should I open the doors only I have the key to?
Should I admire the rest of me that is unique?

If I admired the me in me, I would hold the key to a happy life.
I would be admirable.
I would not admire being you, or partly you.
I would admire me for being me.

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