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Mountain Goat in Dead Tree

Jeff Bell


Mountain Goat in Dead Tree

Mountain goat in dead tree,
watches flying fish land at Heathrow,
as wild horse plays piano....jazz style,
raising the tempo to feverish pitch,
encouraged by the sight of fourth elephant,
failing in its attempt to jump on board
as toboggan disappears without him.
At same time the apes have decided to cut down their trees,
while the snails head off on their annual Health and Safety
Convention in Salt Lake City.
Nearby, a giraffe limbo dances in crutchless panties,
viewed jealously by rhinoceros in stockings and suspenders,
craving nothing more than liposuction.

And now the sloath reads,
that two Governments have been made redundant,
taken over by unelected outsiders,
with connections to the banking sector?
At same time, around a thousand miles away,
a duck toed Chancellor,
with no knowledge or experience in economics,
smirks as he announces yet more pain.

If you feel some of this is too far-fetched,
well I agree with you,
so delete the second paragraph.

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