Mellow night

James Davis

sketches of modern buildings become 
useless in night, your troubles are 
met by a comfort of mellow night, 
from upon my pool side I ponder. 

aromas by wet grass and trees 
let off a comfort, the mellow gladness, 
no entrance, no exist , just existence, 
lovers express their love in the 
cool air amongst the pillowy grass, 
the endangered species is the brain. 

the hedonistic sadly will demolish 
its gifted few , me I will fade, no 
one really cares though, I represent 
the mellow beauty of society. 

I can clue myself in, to something, 
that doesn't represent me so I 
shall fade... amongst the cool 
bight mist tears shall be 
shed, no concerns shall be 
thought... just mellow death, 
almost peaceful happiness. 

mellow tragedy for me, explosion 
of pleasure for few, greatness 
that should be praised has faded away.

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