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James Luchte


reality is not existence
but a lying facade 
still unbroken hegemony
it strangles freedom
it is really 'realitism'
normality is not natural
ordinary is not ecstasy
damiana smoke breathe deep
children should go to school
no longer than four hours a day
if at all... full time work 20 hours
paid in full, according to these
historical mores, negotiable via 
terrestrial power, maybe someday, 
it will only be 10 hours, or less
cut the military trough by 80%
arrest & punish arms dealers
force them to grow cacti &
other botanical singularities
existence is something different
than this reality that is the same
global engineered genocidal rapes
dear thelma has been with me
& clyde is never far away
they dance in possessions 
for my heart in its rapture
we are each of us amidst this 
singular chance, there can be 
no intermediaries, mercenaries
each is there amidst this all
each is shepherd & sheep
each is neither of these things
each is each moment of breath
the meaning of life is what 
it precisely does & dreams 
each instant, in the context 
of this stipulation that 
each moment will carry
along with it 'those' moments 
of vision that have already 
been & are still having been
in the sense of a destiny
of destinal sendings that
metaŠorient dis situation
anything you say can & will
be used against you in 
a court of law, after we arrest
you & shove our night sticks up
your ass w/ only der lubrication
of jelly donuts & cups of coffee

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