Hobgoblin and Other Poems by Marla Cicchino

Hobgoblin and Other Poems

Marla Cicchino

The sight of you sickens me,
The shear thought of being born from you is disgusted,
The sound of your voice puts me in rage,
I hate the thought of knowing you,
I nickname you the Hobgoblin,
Big nose, false teeth, old eyes,
You are the detestation of abomination,
Unpleasant look, and rotten mind,
Distasteful words you bark at me,
You never stopped to think,
You never stopped to notice,
You never stopped to see,
I became a sponge absorbing all your revolting vomit,
I am a distasteful pile of shit,
Foul and enthralled,
Of the massacre of the Hobgoblin.

The Prayer
Here I lay asleep and silent innocent and clean,
My body is my temple my body is my home,
Then he came in through the window uninvited not welcomed,
The sound of his boots hitting my hard wood floor … awakens me,
Here I lay awake and silent, 
With thoughts rushing through my mind making me breath harder
He is getting closer to the foot of my bed …what do I do?
Can a prayer help me at this very moment,
Will God cast this intruder out of my room,
Will God save me from being raped, tortured or shall I be murdered?
One quick prayer to see if it works…
“I believe, I believe! Please make him disappear, please help me my dear God…”
Two cold hands run up my legs for I am tightly in the grip of my very own executioner,
This is not God’s loving hand ... my prayer has failed me,
I am awake in a heart stopping panic what should I do… let him rape?
Allow him to penetrate deep inside of me … what do I do?
A reaction I thought I did not have suddenly became me,
A burst of self-preservation I jumped out of my unsafe warmed bed … I attacked!
I kicked I punched, I screamed while biting a chunk out of this mans face,
I became the attackers destroyer … I became alive!
Innocent and pure I am not any more I switched the roles I flipped the script, 
The bloody intruder ran to my window … escape! He did not,
One quick swing of my phone (SMASHED)
There he lays unconscious, there he lays silent and asleep on my bedroom floor
What do I do?
I tie his arms to the bottom of my bed tightly where the blood will stop circulating
Do I run for help, do I call for help?
Do I run away from my outstanding accomplishment?
I saved my self today I saved my self!
A fit of anger a fit of rage suddenly came over me...
“Fuck you God” I screamed, “I saved myself today!”
I stand above my trophy … one swift kick to his ribs,
My voice now an evil and wicked tone, “Wake up!”
I saw his eyes slowly open trying to focus on me,
I felt his fear, I smelt his fear … suddenly a silent scream he screamed,
A confused man, a scared little man, a sorry man,
Lays on my bedroom floor,
He began to pray to God … oh how dare he do such a thing!
I leaned in close to him, crouching down closely to his bloody face,
With his blood still dripping from my mouth,
I breathed my merciless words out to him …
“Was there a God for me tonight?”

I am not innocent anymore
I am not innocent anymore,
Touched by his hands,
Corrupted from his mind,
Infested by his lies,
I am labeled defective,
Misused, thrown away,
Tainted with a mark,
Diseased, dirty, dissipate,
I am not innocent anymore,
I am broken and used,
Rubbish on the side, scavengers to take,
Neglected, sour tasting I am,
My meaning a fallacy,
My existence not lasting,
My innocence was stolen,
Pillaged by man.

Eradicate is something I hunger for, 
It is a sickening taste,
A brutal abomination,
Loathing, taking in disgust,
I take life,
I slaughter life,
 I eradicate!
Worship that word that I lay upon thee,
Adore my presents when I meet with you,
Enrage me to the point,
That I become foolish,
This will devastate your life.
I hunger for you,
Horrific treats,
Appalling to others,
Flavorsome for me,
Succulent you will taste,
Immorality does not exist,
Discrimination I have none,
Passionate for my kill,
Makes me fanatical.
It was all natural,
Every thing she felt was real,
Cause this could be the first thing she was embracing,
Holding onto tightly,
I am the butcher she proclaimed,
I have this loathing taste in my mouth,
The abrasions I am about to place upon you,
Is done without sensation,
Struggling against me,
Will cause a dramatic piece of artwork out of you,
The very first infliction I make,
I am going to howl hearing you shriek,
I am an imp and you are the martyr,
Scanty, destitute life you live,
A hack to yourself and to others,
It is atrocious what has to be done to you.

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