Man At Work

Ray Scraggs

There?s a dung heap bigger than a mountain
In the backyard of a man
Who?s shovelling it from his life
To the farthest reach of land

It?s a labour of love
And he works by the sweat of his brow
Shovelling from sun up to sun down
It?s a good job if you can get it
It?s the best job in town

Moving it from here to there
To shift that dirt at last
That?s piled up over aeons
The debris from the past

He knows that he is lucky
To discover his own life?s task
To see behind himself
To have his true life in his grasp

But some never see it
Some don?t know its there
Some don?t know how to move it
And some just live in despair

But this man keeps on working
Likes it?s on his life it depends
And by good fortune that man is me
Shovelling the shit right to the end

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