Love Cry and Other Poems

Matt Smith

riff on a fall

it was in a dream 
strangled from behind
by a thin nylon rope
he felt it
that's how he knew
his palm slid down
the center of her back
fullfilling covenants
between arches
over his puppet hand
he looked away
when her eyes lingered
for a second too long
it had to mean something
horn rimmed on a silver chain
taunting the lower half
from there he rescued her
from the would be slaver
from behind
ran they up the wrought iron
stairs to the view
nothing could be seen
save lights through morning fog
this hotel has bars
before the windows
you can not crawl through
the whole thing took place 
in his parents old basement
he saw her under the stairs
in the naked bulb light
and he was sure 
this time
his love was stolen

Red Hair Sonnet

I only know this because she said
every easter she went to church
but she hated god and what he did
all the stuff with his son and all
he was a very abusive father
her father taught her how to cry
but that didn't matter anymore
what she believed was as real
as her chopped up red hair
and no more real than you and I
so on easter she went looking 
just to see if the story had changed
like good stories should with time.
it never changed    neither did she.


Just running away for no reason
Leaves crumbled under my feet
The dust tickled my throat
There was something behind me
And I just wanted to go home
It wallowed on the moist ground
Without a shred of dignity  
My shadow is enough it seems
To frighten insects back
Into their webs nests and burrows
I've learned not to pay attention
To the whereabouts of others
It really doesn't matter
When you're somewhere e

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