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The Meaning of Love

James Luchte


love meant or displayed
itself for all time
it became god with Jesus
love meant something
else to Jim Morrison
Or, is our history wrong?
Was Jesus instead the
Master of the erotic 
orgy, a tantric Jesus?
Carnal love for the chosen - 
platonic love for the masses...
renunciation, hard work -
priviledges for these
elite transgressors, 
excessive love, beyond 
this regime of control
surveillance beyond mere 
hedonistic consumptions
jolly shopping objectification
we lay the ground for the
perverse twist of commodity
offerings here & there - its
maligant offsprings - rape
torture sex slavery in 
cages - transported in this
continuous flow reproduction
of profitable, but exquisite 
cruelty - nothing is beyond 
these desires - preferences -
amidst this dis-integration 
of terrestrial humanity 
suppressed, sublimated 
motifs, simulacrums 
of practices re-emerge
into the light, necrophilia
contends upon this stage 
of ultimate human rights
cruel & unusual practices
become the party games 
of that suburban middle
Once upon a time the 
children are asleep 
an opening erupts into
the darkness of the Night 
Sleep flies away from these 
awakening lights, a caste 
system, a racial corporate 
feudalism as remedy - anything
but a respect for the truth
despite the fact that love
seldom conforms to these 
requirements of ethics
or of the law - morality
war is the alibi, a good
war justifies any cause
ethics, law, morality
rapidly come on side
love is this ritual 
sacrificial ecstasy 
annihilation joyous 
scintillation personal 
bodies, raptures of this 
flesh - sensuous existence 
resists nihilistic discipline
should the taste of these juices 
that drip from her vagina matter
in a ritual of love - in syllogisms 
of reason?  What matters?  What 
is love?  Are not these questions
symptomatic of a distance from
that which exists?  An orgasm
is equivalent to a hundred text 
books & sexual middle man & women
Love exists - it is a spiritual
power - it is not a Thing, it
cannot be a god - the latter
is an artifact of an event
love is - exists -
a flame burns low 
this machine rages
silence before the name
open awake respect

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