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Louie Crew

Homophobos Taxidermis

Note well the common leer.

in both genders, the species breeds 
in all habitats of homo sapiens,
but thrives best in isolation
either in the provinces
or around urban steeples and altar
to the hum of block after block of lawn mowers.

The Bible-in-hand is not mandatory,
but recurs often, symptomatically,
especially in King James Version that fall open
automatically to only the same six passages.

Our first rare specimen was caught
wielding a machine gun in Greenwich Village,
mowing down half a dozen Ramrod patrons.

Under the next glass, observe the more common variety,
a street gossip, officianado of the otherwise private
coming and goings of everyone.
This particular one was nabbed by her hairdresser.


No Direct Protest

   "No direct protest;
   we want more imagistic stuff,"
   the anthologist said.

   Stuff indeed, as

        20 faggot heads compacted in
               glazed pied cubes?
        300 cc's of priestly closet sweat
               frozen into dry ice?
        300 pairs of lesbian eyes
               marbled for an aquarium?
        orange juice fountains
               peed from plastic saints?

    Another heterosexual on the prowl.


Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Stool

I pinched her tail.
No big deal.
What else's a tail good for,
especially if she wants to come here
    to a men's bar?

I only whistled at the second one
    --for Christ's sake!--
as ugly as she is up close
    she oughta be glad
I even noticed her
    ridin that bicycle at night
with her long hair atrailin.
    A decent woman would be at home anyways,
tendin her husband or boyfriend,
    or if she's too ugly to hook one,
at least having the courtesy or the sense
    to sit alone sewing or readin a book.

I can't understand why you've locked me up,
    Ms. Sheriff.
I ain't done nothin wrong.
I been like this all my life.
and most women be pleased.
Leastaways, they ain't said
nothin to the contrary.

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