^^^^^Lost Luster^^^^^

Charles Frederickson

  Unconscious true anima innermost self

     As opposed to outer persona

          Totality of feminine emotional feelings

               Autonomous complex heirborne male possessed


     Aggregate of maternal lineage aspects

          Manifested in dreams within dreams

               Within dreams unfolded map charting

                    Inward journey destination mindful soul


          Divine passionate lovers Eros & Psyche

               Intimate tale of psychosexual transformation

                    Shattered taboos targeting anxious fears

                         Cupid?s stinging arrows engendering bliss


                         Two mutually rooted cosmic opposites

                    Dark yin overshadowing light yang

               State of movement instilling balance

          Internally latent yet outwardly expressive


                    Presumed emptiness full of itself

               Caught up nested within maze

          Within maze cramped space Matryoshka

     Dolls fit inside one another


               Inseparable unity within diversity sought

          In this world rather than

     The next presence rejoining absence

Atavistic fantasies haunting closet ghosts

(Summer 2008)

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