Light of the World
Wendy Sullivan

And the light of the world exploded
refused and counteracted in a splutter
of confusion and darkness
- Haloes of introspection
beamed rounded visions
and inhaled a wealth of understanding
unlit by the spark of generalities
the dimness of intellect
shone firm on the feelings
rays of perception
sought out the corners of hidden persuasions,
and the once evasive words
grew horns of meaning 
and utterings spoke
to the ears of silence,
pauses breathed the rightful space
and sounded the harmonies hitherto unattained.
The flute bore
	         the feathers of the nightingale
    the harp,
	         the lark of light
    the trumpet
	         perched upon the branches in evergreen
    and the voice
	          strummed the rustle of the leaves.
All nature chorused her applauding
and the psalms of pathos
pitched with laughter
ranged across the midnight frost
as dawn melted the moments
which were the centuries of chaos.
New years reached out
and sank her sorrows
in histories lap.

Hopes heralded broad hints
of hidden depths impounded
and the gates of hell resounded
heavens hail the new born king.
The crown, an epitaph to past inglory
reduced to a pomp that circumstance

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