Oladipo Agboluaje

Now I lay bare, beneath your glassy gaze
trapped between nudity and hypnotizing stare,
I looked back on memorable days
when I walked this earth with fear.

Away from your binding shackles I fly,
key in hand I flee the crush of stamping feet.

Seeds of subjugation sown in me,
Uproot and cast away, poisoned manure.
Replace now, seeds of liberty,
Rejoice with dance the cure.

Revelations too dark in blinding light,
Then, closing chapter and the brooding night.
I read the glyphics on surrounding walls,
The hero dies, the nation falls.
Fierce rage, apportion blame,
The sweet and sour sugarcane,
Put to sword who puts to shame.

As I lay clothed beneath your glassy gaze,
You look as if I am not here.
I look toward better coming days
When I will tread this earth without fear.

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