Lambeth, Ersatz Weimar

Maureen Scott

Fascism is total exploitation.
When the cake is small, and
the crooked have taken all,
the genuine cower in their
inadequacy in the face of a
venal counter reaction to make
them pay because their only 
crime is innocence and the 
big swine get off without
repaying a dime.  So when
they come fraud squadding
you in jack boots in a few
years time when you've been
living here for years, or 
disabled, and if not before,
driven to it, you go ape shit,
and you say, why me, we, law
abiding, Jesus Christ, you
have a nervous breakdown over
a brown envelop when you know
the troublemakers in the street
get rehoused and a golden handshake,
for if you're a fraudster, the
system is geared to you, if you're
honest and true, you fuck up the
system, it can't cope with you,
because it was designed by crooks
from top to toe

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