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Jesus Odysseus

James Luchte


Jesus emerges from
Nowhere, Odysseus
wanders, cast away
by Poseiden, each
a long journey
into the unknown
each descends into 
the underworld to 
obtain knowledge
of the unseen
both reclaim their
home from transgressors
Jesus throws out
the moneychangers
Odysseus, with his son,
destroys the suitors
who consume his 
substance, steal 
his world, both
affirm the divine
both were seduced
with pleasures
along the way
(Jesus of the
Dead Sea Scrolls
kissed the priestess
Mary Magdalene
and had children
with her)
but ultimately 
resisted mere
pleasure in 
the wake
of a deeper
longing for that 
which was true
Neither was deterred
each learned
amidst the event
of transfiguration
both were men
though the Jesus
in Paul and perhaps
John seems to be
more akin to Apollo,
Dionysus, Artemis,
each gods and goddesses
born of a transgression
of the divine unto
the mortal, these
revelations of Zeus
Mary and God, is she
not akin to Leto?
Who else would she
be if she were 
not a goddess?
Immaculate Conception!
Is she not a goddess?
Can we any longer
be incarcerated
in this prison 
of the trinity?
Three male aspects
of a male god
How utterly boring!
Must we not explode
this makeshift so as
to articulate a more
appropriate meaning
for existence - or, can
we remain 
in the nameless?
Must we learn 
all the names
and images 
which set about us 
each day as taboo lore?
Or, are all of these words
and stories merely indicators 
of that which transcends all
things and renders 
obsolete these images 
in a differing scenario
I witness the event 
of the sacred, an
intimate affirmation
of the divine 
as I pray and live
perhaps i am mad...
or bewitched, turned
into an animal amidst
this simulacrum in
which I am a traveller
and learner - I seek
the truth as 
I cannot deal 
with the truth as truth
I stared at the sun 
but the light of the divine 
devastated me
Nothingness - 
nothing I knew or
loved would remain - 
these are only images, 
symbols in an 
allegorical journey 
designed, a vortex
so as to initiate 
the disolution of his ego
in a way which affirms
this dissolution - 
consents and embraces the
disintegration of this
world - the fading 
of every memory, 
of every item 
which sets here 
there, but will 
eventually be picked 
up by the junk man 
sold in an estate sale  
some junk shop 
to a college student 
Where did you get this?
I don't know, some junk shop?
How many people 
have touched this?
Whose was it?
But, I am here now, and I 
couldn't care less about
this chair and sofa!
This Water-pick!
There is something
more going on here
But we should 
be reticient
in giving any 
too early answers
and names - 
we are not Adam -
we are not without shame -
we cannot name in innocence
amidst the event of existence
names suggest themselves
encounters are made
amidst this gift of existence
we gotta drop the pretense
of Adam that all was made
for him - all of this went
out the window with the Fall
We are neither the namegivers
nor the center of the cosmos!
but with empty hands we are
open amidst this place 
of the nameless
We must have the courage to be
Why not?

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