Jesus 2000

Royston Swarbrooke

We met in a car park in the West country.
Spiked on black coffee and lacking in breakfast.
You carried fish and a 'Water into Wine' pop up book.
I asked for a light, your hands shook as I received ignition.

I said 'J where have you been?'
You mumbled something about your schedule
and Max wanting new photos.
The possibility of a duet with Lady Nonesuch on the National Lottery

I told you news from home.
The latest arrivals, the ones who failed the text and went below.
Your Father was still trying to work the DAT machine.
Moses pisses as usual.

Had you seen Judas in L.A.?
Key Grip on the new Rambo movie.
Had you got the cigars for your Father?
The Cuban ones made in Japan.

I asked you about the axe and the freight train incident.
'A miracle that back-fired' you replied.
Showed you my extra synthetic wing span.
The bruised knee from a collision with a piece of space junk.

I thanked you for the Calvin Kleins.
Arranged to meet in Paris next month.
Left you to walk the channel tunnel.
You hated to travel by train. Bless. 

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