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James Luchte


everyone is in danger
what is one to do
but be suspicious 
all the time
otherwise you will die
or end up in a hospital
or in an underground
facility in Kentucky receiving
coercive full fisted body cavity
searches & rapes each & every 
mutherfuckin' goddamned day
to expose the lie, one must
incite the vile lie to expose itself
one is destroyed, an original sense
of a sacrificial victim, one who
sacrifices itself in this engagement
with a still unbroken hegemony of 
falsehood, deconstructing the 
banality of its 'truth regime'
with its own blood, its life
perhaps & probably to be utterly 
forgotten, covered up, erased radically,
yet since it is a spirit it will come
& inhabit your young daughters vagina
in its thirst for revenge, as will
each of the spirits of those you killed
or have had killed recently & before
don't think they will not remember you!
Surely rationalism, atheism etc, is
just a ruse, a temporary PR blitz
when this illusion departs these spirits
will return to you whispering their regards
for each of them remembers you explicitly
& thirsts after your blood & brains
'Brains! Brains! Brains! Brains!'
John Lennon lives in Ronald Reagan's brain
which explains everything that degenerates
in his fuckin' head, though he still lives
yes ronnie there are 'sinister' spirits, etc.
& all of them are coming back to you to live 
in the space of your soul, of many spirits,
in your brain 

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