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Ten Million Horse Power Per Gram

James Luchte


& i'll fuckin' lick your olestra drippin'
  ass            hole
           'cause one day
     i'm goinna fuck you up!
             take heart that my
smile masks only a most reasonable person
            i'm just a shade on the wall!
/ my ass is coming after 
your genocidal blood lust 
/ i have patience
& i have laughter & song & sorrow & joy
           & i also know that
we might as           hiroshima

    well be          test market
   fuckin' sheep under a waterfall
cause each of us is to die ---
 but fuck that --- any two year 
           old knows that        nagasaki
     there is this instantaneous drifting explodes
          this space of [interdependence]
            do you expect me to forgive you?
         that business is somehow as usual
 that an irredeemable hole has not 
                    been blown into this 
                    fabric of life
   we sit & lie    --- that which is 'cool' amidst this now
           is to undergo your execution without 

            a frown or a naughty word

                    *** silence****

            we are all so fucking mature 

                        n ow"!?


                            (54 years late)

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