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Homeland Security

James Luchte


Wagner rides triumphant into the WTC
Cheers & the Valkyrie were aboard, 
necessary sacrifices for the NEW WORLD
ORDER, a father lives through his son
shadow government emergency alibi
W got his first infusion of cash 
for his first failed oil business 
from the (U)(O)SAMA 
W tried to get the Taliban to
let a pipeline go through Afghanistan
The Taliban said no - Enron and UNOCAL 
twitch little busy fingers in the mix
nine daze after Karzai Unocal Taliban
gangster sent as ambassador to Afghanistan
Dr. Lay wrote his dissertation on the
effect of the Vietnam War (police action)
not subject to the geneva thing--- Lay
charts the course of a war time economy -
What was W doing in texas besides 
executing niggers & poor whites?  
Governors via definitiva have substantial 
influence in the procurement of contracts,
tax abatements and government grants 
- just like the pogramatic trough of a 
devolution of social welfare concerns
to the administration of religious
organizations and churches, like 
the old company town where even
the churches were owned by the OWNER
if you don't pray the right way you
are fired & thrown out of the house
that HE owns too - your ATM cards
don't work either - you are locked out -
the secret that cannot be bore but by
the few - pushed into the streets YOU
rounded up by the patrolling police
Knights Templar of Homeland Security
W knows that el estatos unidos is 
up to its neck in blood & carcuses
since W has seized the presidency
& therefore, he can do whatever the
fuck he likes, he orchestrates white 
bread & circuses - W is the embodiement
of the legitimacy & sanctity of the Event
Amidst the overwhelming dissatification
of the last election described by some 
as a coup d'etat - the intimidation of
vote counters by Republican shock troups
recalled the early days of Hitler in
the Frei Corps - IT aggressively attacked
meetings of rival organizations & even 
attempted to overthrow the government in 
the BEER HALL PUSCH - Hitler, symbolist
artist of post cards, writes Mein Kampf in prison - 
W maintains little distance from Hitler, Mussolini
But all questioning & belittlement is placed
aside after 911 - it is like a production process
through the bizarre script of a few word whores
a used car salesman is turned into the PRESIDENT
& a man who ran against a dead man's widow - 
& who lost - despite all the secrets - has
become the Attorney General of the United States
despite the narrow election & narrow nomination
KKK connections & GUNS FOR CHILDREN could not
speak any more clearly - Timothy McVeigh is
laughing in his grave as he exceeds in his 
success - gangster, militia - racist government
simulacrum creams & proceeds, a masque for
that inevitable power grab - the horror of 
the vacuum - protocol of power & deference - 
we just assume that the chief interpreter 
of the law & of its implimentation is 
disinterested, is competent & not some 
nazi christian nutcase murderer bent 
on taking over the whole fucking world
Osama bin Laden is the latest picture of Satan
A Pipeline from the former soviet republics
through Afghanistan down towards the Middle East
& the women - & the women transported like cattle
The Taliban did not want the women of Afghanistan
to remain crack whores of diamond & heroin dealers
Despite all of this moralistic & irrelevant ethics
this real world has to move on & forward - oil
must be supplied to the insatiable economies
they knew that that boy they had bank-rolled
was in a myre - one termer just like daddy-o
CIA chief during the late seventies - George Sr. 
& his Carter successors created Islamic schools 
expendable training grounds religious mercenaries 
against the Totalitarian Atheist Soviets
reagan & thatcher created Saddam Hussein
gave him his biological etc warfare techiques
as each great country armed both sides in a
war which claimed the lives of two million people
There were after all many more deaths - but should
we create our very own black book? Rhetoric aside,
there have been/are so many murders that Hitler
would have erupted into spontaneous utter orgasm
Homeland Security - the German Home Front -
Tell me please a criteria by which I can
verify the difference - underground goverment
oliver north's fema wet dream - concentration 
camps for those who object to the shadow government
there will be only a few - dealt with in the interests
of homeland security - concentration camps, poisonings
etc... by any means necessary - a real world makeover
Homeland Security - Shadow Goverment - exit-Seattle -
A dark abyss beckons - all of history stands upon
a precipice - W is Caesar - the Rubicon is RED
WITH BLOOD - Brutus? Brutus? Brutus? Brutus?


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