Happy Bad Times are a-coming Again
Maureen Scott

My informant confirms
more drugs everywhere,
bigger fish by far,
and shoot out on
Saturday, the start
of big turf wars,
wait and see, and
they don't seem to
hide from the
batteries of CCTV's
seem pretty sure they
won't get caught,
we agree, probably
the cope shop
turns it off on
Friday and Saturday
nights just to oblige,
for we mustn't do 
anything to upset 
the yuppies, for fear
we suffer from the 
denigration of Brixton's
great gentrification

For once in my life
I plead for more
social strife so 
the yuppies
buying heaps of
inferior bricks in 
Railton Road and
similar environs 
at Chelsea rocket 
prices suddenly find
it isn't their town
and like the iffy
people they are
eff outta here.

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