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James Luchte


we sit here 
eatin our food 
jerkin' off
using gallons 
of water 
for our 
washing up 
so that 250.000.000 
fat & lazy flatulent 
can keep it going 
business as usual 
when they surf 
slicing these
backs of myriad 
starving faces 
[statistical aggregates] 
camp africa  etc. 
gross exploitation
negligent suppression 
breathtaking displacements  
europe & amerikkka 
should be destroyed utterly  
complete liquidation 
of white supremacy 
amidst one great saturnalia
time vomits up myriad voices 
& each face it swallows
Let yourselves be overthrown!
Only then will you be spiritualized!
at least you will no
longer be bored 
& guilty
you smile behind 
this mask of power
as you know you 
need not abdicate
it would be 
better to let 
billions die
or the whole 
planet before 
you would give 
an inch of
your fatality

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