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green and pleasant land and Other Poems

Christopher Mulrooney

green and pleasant land

fancifully they remarked the long since trifled with and soon to be forgotten
mystery that was the wheel and furnace
of the house the great mystery and keeper
of the toad house and the revenues in the interior whose ministry is kept
down in the house by the river where sat
the poet laureate as grimy as could be
in the soot air and sang

I walked as far as I can go
to Aberdeen and back again
and this whole story you must know
to Aberdeen and back again
and so I know sure the might and main
that do not manufacture the solipsistic trivia that multiply
and divide
these chairpersons ringing all the bells on all the dinner tables in the kingdom
one by one till all are done
and that's the song as it was sung
by the grieving laureate


concerto for saxophone

there ought to be a ground
as reached bi-metallically
where can you say if at all
that was the one no that was

it isn't a prix fixe meal
after all it isn't a dose of
contribution neither is it
the fabulosity of the ages
marching in or hereabouts

it's a calm clinical thing
like new green corn and
certain other things you really
needn't bother asking about
in the long run they just come
supplied with the total package

no it isn't a question if frits
and wits have in to have been
reconsidered in the light of late hours
the impossible light set forth
in admirable treatises by my good friends
so-and-so the admired butchers
of candy in the lobby of the real


the tailor's story

I've had a much more than likely
supposition lo these many days
about these wearing pantaloons
there ought to be a law against the wearing of such pantaloons
if I were right as much I think I am
they'd go knockkneed at night and noon
and only have their trousers made by me
I really mean it
I should be the only tailor here


the fox and the sour grapes

that was a terrible movie says the critic
not a word corresponded with my analytic



all the very laundered fellows
come to the Strip
the lights are very come
down to the wire

the gals walk on tiptoe
glad to be home
with the cat and
goldfish maybe in his shelf

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