Global Refugees

Alessio Zanelli

Varicoloured spots sprayed across Town-grey. Eyes perceive but squalid Brown, however. Here is newcomers’ Face. A good deal for a good deal. A Room for six. A bed for three. Joblets On demand. Rights by half. A future To invent and a past to forget. Wife And children overseas. A whole life To ferry to this side. Crowded together Into narrow enclaves on the margin of Cities. Somewhere-siders. Side-livers. Side-workers. Side-consumers. The Lure of delinquency seems hard to Resist. Plenty of promising walks, so Far easier than the normal way. Hardly Ever any alternative. Deportment to Build. Dignity to gain. Outer mistrust, Fear and hate to smooth away. Third Class citizenship as a reward for stainless Probity. Nonetheless, their perseverance Is dejection-proof. Even when they have To reckon with the make-no-distinction Praxis. Glaring though downcast eyes Increase in the streets. Abroad freedom Can actually be more bitter than home Restriction. Well-being seldom replaces Penury. Still, the silent flood can not be Stemmed. Time is about to hand in the Bill to the former world. The latter one’s Ghettos grow. They will soon reach out For open space. Mixing up is the sole Way out for either stock. Despite race Purists, and definitely for good and all, Man will be given one more chance.

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