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Funny Talking Town

Jeff Bell


 We met as two foreigners in a funny talking town, with
 our superiority instantly acknowledged and understood.
 Yet mine felt somehow greater, but because of your
 arrogance, I couldn't tell you this, which seemed rather
 sad at the time. But how we laughed, mimicking the locals
 as we danced their duck toed waltz, with you wiggling your
 elegant ass as they all clapped along, while turning your head
 and waving them away as they graciously tried to feed you
 their local delicacy.

 I remember you once washed my feet, and I have to admit you
 were very good, but no matter what you said, you couldn't convince
 me a book started at the end or finished in the middle. Yet you still
 managed to turn our meeting into Tolstoy's War And Peace, leaving
 me feeling as foolish as Pierre ever could. But as I still haven't
 finished reading this book (page 732), he could become the hero
 after all, well at least Natasha seems to have recognised his
 qualities, then again, she's just found religion so maybe she's
 confused. Or is it, attraction and similarity are born out of nothing
 more than our confusion?

Some will no doubt find this all rather humorous, but a word of
warning, if you're personally ever lucky enough to find yourself in
our presence, forget your recipes, and the need to run off in search
of local produce. No just relax, as no matter who you are, we're more
than happy to join in with your peculiar dance...and laugh.

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