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James Luchte


eccentricio devastatio
excessively spectacles 
sympathy circusness
armed to der teeth
guard dogs round da bread
we so fine & kind
lotsa money sellin' 
drugs guns bodies/parts
so much we's givin' it away
to yo po folks down there
south da Equator we pretty 
habla muchos sanctimonious
dis world is smaller
than you may think
w/ each new genocide
there comes more
McDonanald's "ham" burgers
they only tell you it's ham
this buttocks flesh of 
this utterly unclean animal!
pineal gland extract 
let me take you higher 
why do all those corpses
have holes at the base 
of the neck, those others
where the brain has been
ripped from the nose, eyes
perhaps they were Ancient Egyptians?
├├none── cold exhibit their
pineal gland intact
imagine that & now only 1999!
pineal gland extract
its aphrodisiac & stimulating
properties, its 
hallucinogenic ecstasy
is said to account for
Descartes' locus of a link
of soul & body in 
this tiny orb
for dat's not da only
reason why they robbed
dead bodies from da 
morgues & graves
they weren't all 
anatomists & sculptors!
they were drug freaks!
Descartes was a drug freak!
He was a cannibal!
Perhaps a murderer, as 
is the case with most 
modern philosophers

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