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An Orgiastic Feeding Frenzy Genocide

James Luchte


the mi5cia a pope pony or something
killed diana, princess of whales
& other sea creatures
she was threatening
to hijack the myths
(just like a lot of other people
come to think of it)
can't let hollywood
get upstaged by a real star/ the only
one that england's got & she better
hold onto her or we're going to
kill six or seven birds w/ one stone
//ffshfmi5ciam i6deiopusfbik//
blood drips what do you say,
brown clay & other unprovable
truths a sympto m &
symbol of our utter & complete
servitude... foucault & his
discussion of the privileges
of the sadean man
a privilege of transgressions --
discipline/punish pop my eyes
with a dart gun or better
melt them with a nuclear blast
NUke ME! Nuke diana, princess
of dolphins! bad omen, whatever
the truth one which
is only hidden by the mediocre
cowardice & unimaginative impotence
of the one who conceals his/her crime
who leaves him/her self in the lerch
betrays his signatorial hand
even if he/she signs a varying signature
let us see your face! stand up & take
responsibility for the deed you have unleashed
or if you will not then to oblivion
w/ your face & you will leave not a trace
just think what could have been di & do w/ a child
brought up in both traditions
a new warmth & friendship of islam & christianity,
even the jews can come to this
party hindus, buddhists you name it come on over to dinner
the world comes into a peaceful harmony where myth is loved &
appreciated as such crash smash blood shatter
slice it open $ pump it pump it pump & it was a murder &
a separation & a cover up & a violation & a betrayal &
a petty little asshole dickhead wanker's big job to off the princess
this was a clean up mop up that blood
& an orgiastic feeding frenzy genocide

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