I Saw Upon Faces

Alessio Zanelli

I saw upon faces Yellowed with age The ancient gaiety Like dew trickle From deep eyes down Cheeks lean and drawn. I saw in the sky The aerial ballet Of a few swallows, Nearly a refrain Calling for help, Addressed to the past. I heard from the poplars Subdued whisperings In the autumn wind - Once loved rustle, Now only the vain warning Of disenchanted onlookers. So the sentinels of dawn, Which day after day Silent wait but for sunset, From beyond the mist Of the weary horizon, They keep watching The old man make his way With the heart viced In the stranger evening, While the stick Creaks on the road, Unmindful of his bourne. (originally published in 'Loose Sheets', Minerva Press, 2000)

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